City Tree -Taiwan White Pine

The gray colored skin has a fish scale feature. We adopt the triangle leave’s cross section concept when ascending and rotation creates a gesture of growth for the sunshade louvers of the Museum façade.

City Flower - Formosan Cherry Blossoms
The elongated pedicel and the funnel shaped flower was interpreted with insulated glass curtainwall system to shape the cherry blossom funnel for not just a focal point of the Auditorium, but also to collect rain water, exhaust indoor air circulation and channel indirect sunlight to the cellar levels.

City Bird - White-eared Sibia
The simulation of a departure gesture by having the ground floor all glazed, then cantilevering a portion of the upper levels and juxtapose & intertwine the building massing. Exterior walls are cladded with Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Panel rain screen system.


city cultural center

Taichung, TAIWAN [competition]

The design methodology and conceptual development derives from 3 nature’s representatives (Tree, Flower & Bird) picked by the city’s residents. Its characteristics and expressions has abstractively evolved into our design concept.​​

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