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wei-chia lin lc,  ies, LEED AP

co-founder / Lighting Design Director

John Jappen is a multi-disciplined Principal Project Director and Architect with broad-based expertise directing high visibility projects that require specialized skills, sensitivity to unique program requirements and knowledge in all aspects of the construction process. He is a “hands on” principal who prides himself on being readily accessible to each and every project throughout its life-cycle. His diverse expertise spans corporate, commercial, civic, residential, retail, hospitality and educational sectors.
John’s discipline is deep-rooted in the factors that positively influence the design, constructability, cost and scheduling of a project by exercising expert planning, bid management, budget estimation, risk mitigation, contract negotiation and resource governance. He is highly experienced orchestrating environmentally-sensitive, high-profile projects with stringent permit-compliance constraints entailing exceptional degrees of technical design and complexity.
John is a licensed architect in New York and a member in good standing of The American Institute of Architects (AIA)

​​​​kimmy king

Interior Design Director TPE

With over 30 years of design experience, Mina Hatano Kirsch has a broad range of experience including master planning, architecture, and design of high-end interiors.
Mina is a native of Roppongi Tokyo. A graduate from Japan’s Woman University with a degree in Biology as well as Master’s in Architecture from Columbia University.

Upon receiving her Masters she worked in several high profile projects as lead designer. Her work has been recognized by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Educational Interiors Showcase, Ensemble, Interior Design Magazine, Metropolis, Columbia Books of Architecture, and JETRO.

She attributes the key to successful project to teamwork and creating a shared purpose and mutual commitment. This is a philosophy she models in everything she does and is echoed in her favorite quote by Henry Ford, "Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."​

​​​douglas f. coombs associate aia

Technical Director

​​​​Hsun-tzu Zan ra, taa, naa

Principal / Managing Architect TPE




co-founder / Design Director

Kimmy King has a multidisciplinary design background of over 25 years in Customized Residential & Commercial Designs.

Following her Architectural background from Shih Chien University in Taipei. She engaged all design challenges with her exceptional design sensitivity and hospitality sincerity for clients from Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing and the pacific Asian regions.
Kimmy is exceptional in integrating "conceptual storytelling through material relativity into spatial connection". Exclusively, her talent to vitalize a space with soft furnishing and material touches for restaurants, SPAs, medical beauty clinics, and boutique residentials designs are extremely exciting and creative.

Kimmy holds both certifications for Level B Technician for Interior Design & Level B Technician for Building Interior Installation & Repair Management in Taiwan. She also achieved multiple honors for Design Excellence in Interior Design in TID (Taiwan Interior Design) and IAI Design Awards.

Having practiced in Architectural field for over 45 years with extensive knowledge and professional skills. Hsun-Tzu Zan is also a dedicated water color painter and has been teaching in universities around Taiwan to pass the torch with a motto of "Tradition & Innovation", 

His experience includes extensive academic institutes including Chung-Yuan Christian University College of Science (1983-1984), Jin-Wen University of Science and Technology Student's Dormitory (1987-1988), Chung-Yuan Christian University Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building (1988-1991), National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Center (1990-1994), National Chi-Nan University Multipurpose Building (1992-1993), College of Humanities (2001-2004), and the Student's Activity Center (1998-2009), Tainan National University Affiliated Hearing Impaired School (2011-2012), and the ZanShan Elementary School Academic Building (2012-2015).

In 2009, the catastrophic Morakot Typhoon brought an historic level of rain and wind which results in landslides and flooding in the central & southern part of Taiwan. This horrific disaster destroyed hundreds of villages, families and lives. Hsun-Tzu [ZYA] has collaborated with the Red Cross based on his design & professional experiences in pre-fabricated affordable housing for bring back an living/working environment efficiently, functionally and culturally.

​​​​Hsun-Tzu is a licensed architect in Taiwan. He also is a fellow member of both the Taiwan & Taipei Association of Architects.

LNZ is an international (New York - Taipei) collaborative design studio focusing on progressive and creative ArchitecturalInterior, Lighting DesignVirtual Reality / Augmented Reality solutions. Our multidisciplinary design approaches through the variety of different angles, has encouraged us to further embrace each design challenge and integration of technology & environmental awareness as a learning trend. 


How Zan received his undergraduate degree in Architecture in Taipei, Taiwan and later his master’s degree at Parsons School of Design in New York, USA. By having both Chinese & American education and work experiences, he is versed in demonstrating the design with cultural complexities.

His design experience includes many international projects - the 14-story mixed-use dormitory & retail storefront in Taichung, Taiwan. The Free Methodist Church in Pingtung by collaborating with Red Cross of the post 2009 Morakot Typhoon re-built in Taiwan. The three 52 story high-rise residential towers [Silver Towers], as well as the recent 17 story Office Building with concourse connection to the landmarked Tamanaco Hotel in Caracas, Venezuela.
Domestically, the Coffee Project NY in Brooklyn, NY. The core & shell reclad Office Building in midtown New York, and the Glass Box addition in Central Park - Tavern on the Green, etc.
The central thread connecting How's diverse portfolio is the concentration of spatial experience and sustainable strategies in architecture and fostering a relationship between the diversity of our existing site and the designed spaces.

How is a licensed architect in New York and New Jersey. He also holds a LEED AP certification.


XR Technologist / Project Architect

​​​​JOHN W. JAPPEN aia

Project Director


Harold Shin is a talented multi-disciplinary designer with dual degrees in M.Arch and M.FA, possessing the engineering mind of an architect plus the creative spirit of an artist. He has completed award-winning projects ranging from corporate office spaces to high-rise condominium towers. As an Artist, he built installations that experiment with innovative ways for humans to interact with digital technology. Harold's installations have been recognized by various organizations and media, including "NY1" news channel.

Currently as an XR Developer, he designs and builds software that provide new interactive experiences within the AR/VR Environment by combining his architectural experience, engineering skills, and artistic vision. He has successfully published several apps that are currently available in Google Play and Apple App Store.

Harold is a licensed architect in Washington, Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia. He also holds a LEED AP certification.