tavern on the green

[New Glass Addition]

New York, NY

As part of the restoration of the Tavern on the Green, the east courtyard terrace is recognized as an integral part of the historic landscape as well as the dining experience.

The large “Crystal Room” at the east elevation, which engulfed most of the terrace, will not be replaced. In its place, a new “Glass Box” addition has been designed to minimize impact on the historic Tavern on the Green while maximizing a dining experience that interacts with the surrounding atmosphere. The “Glass Box” increases the new envelope’s visibility and the special glazed coating keeps the interior dining room under desirable comfort. During good weather conditions, the operable glass panels open up to create an interactive terrace with the courtyard and plantings. Whether inside the new addition or outside on the terrace, the newly renovated Tavern on the Green will allow patrons to dine under the sky while sitting in the green.